Gayatri Mantra- A prayer for Intelligence

"To chant the Gayatri Mantra
purifies the chanter.
To listen to the Gayatri Mantra
purifies the listener."

The Gayatri Mantra is a gift to the humanity. It is said that this sacred prayer spirals through the entire universe from the heart of the chanter, appealing for peace and divine wisdom for all. It is a prayer which can be chanted by anyone and is directed towards the supreme Brahman, asking him to enlighten us. Chanting of Gayatri Mantra blesses you with intuitive powers. This Soulful song Gayatri Mantra is being sung by Silki Agrawal, who is known for singing songs that touches your mind and soul.

Chanting of Gayatri Mantra has amazing health benefits

 - Increases concentration and learning
 - Improves your breathing
 - Helps keep your heart healthy
 - Improves the working of your nerves
 - Helps beat the damage caused due to stress
 - Strengthens the mind and keeps the tension at bay
 - Gives your skin a glow
 - Helps relieve the symptoms of asthma
 - Improves the immunity
 - Calms the mind

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