• JHINI-the eternal song of the soul!

    This song has been written by the great mystic poet SANT KABIR. I have sung it with all my love and I do hope that this song stirs a beautiful note in your heart and connects you with your soul and conveys the message of sant Kabir to live this beautiful gift of life given by the supreme god with love, joyfulness and virtues.

    Jhini jhini bini chadariya.
    Jhini bini chadariya
    Jhini jhini bini chadariya
    Jhini bini chadariya

    kah ke tana, kah ke bharni,
    kaun taar se bini chadariya
    ingla pingla taana bharni, sushumna tar se bini chadariya.

    ashta kamal dal charkha doley, panch tatva, gun tini chadariya
    saiin ko siyat mas dus lagey, thonk-thonk ke bini chadariya.

    Jhini jhini bini chadariya.
    Jhini bini chadariya
    Jhini jhini bini chadariya
    Jhini bini chadariya

    so chaadar sur nar muni odhi, odhi ke maili kini chadariya
    das Kabir jatan kari odhi, jyon ki tyon dhar deeni chadariya.

    Jhini jhini bini chadariya.
    Jhini bini chadariya
    Jhini jhini bini chadariya
    Jhini bini chadariya

    The eternal song of the soul is everywhere but very few are blessed enough to hear it. One such visionary was a simple weaver "Sant Kabir" who walked across the plains of northern india, weaving enticing fabrics as he went along, singing the lost song of the soul to one and all.

    The soul he said was an intricately woven delicate fabric woven painstakingly by god using the threads of the five elements.

    It is so immaculate that even one wrong decision can scar it forever. The only way to keep it spotless would be to accept it as a treasure for safekeeping.

    Each element of the soul is ancient and ethereal, the soul knows what it needs, our life path is clearly chalked out at the center of our being, all we need it to focus, shun out the unwanted noise and really listen to it.. what is it that the fire in your belly burns for...
    what makes your being soar into the endless sky..
    what brings the water hiding inside come out from the eyes...
    where is your earth, the place which you can truly call home....
    where is it that your breath is leading you...
    watch every element within at play, realize their existence and their need ...
    like the weaver Kabir, who lived every moment
    Not as a seeker
    Or a keeper
    But as a faithful servant
    Keeping vigil over
    His masters gift
    The beautiful "gift of life"

    Interpration by "Neelam Agrawal"
  • Soulful chants

    Listening to the melodies of soulful chants will give you an experience of heaven on earth with all angels surrounding you in an envelope of peace and fulfillment. Soulful chants is an album by Silki Agrawal which is an amalgamation of three pacifying chants – Gayatri Mantra, Ajai Alai and Guru Mantra. Singer's voice connects you to the inner peace and musical authenticity that you can never ever be detached to. Her understanding of pranic healing is extremely enchanting and will be depicted in every song sung by her in this album.

    The three songs of soulful chants emphases Gayatri Mantra as divine light, Guru Mantra as divine love for the Guru and Ajai Alai as divine power. The perfect union of evocative lyrics and soothing melodies of these songs will soothe and caress the most troubled souls. Silki's voice is such that it will affirm the immense potentials of human body and mind. She attributes these songs to astonishing powers that will sow a seed of reconciliation and peace in you.

    Guru mantra is a soulful recitation of Guru and his teachings. A student's selfless devotion for his Guru is what has been imbibed in this song. Whereas Gayatri mantra is a universal song that showers upon you a divine light of refinement and righteousness to banish all the immoral powers from your body. Similarly, Ajai Alai's divine power will lead you to a holy path. So listening to these three songs will have a powerful impact on your mind, body and soul to bring you back into a zone of peace and contentment.

    Listen to Silki Agrawal's new version of soulful chants that is a passionate crescendo of ecstatic bliss. Experience the silkiest array of soulful chants that will elevate your mood instantly. Explore a whole new world of peaceful chants in this album.
  • Ajai Alai

    A voice that beckons you about inner peace with its melodious chants will lead you to the path of a holy soul. Silki Agrawal's soulful tunes of 'Ajai Alai' are the one you would want to hymn forever. It starts with a harmonious tone that pacifies your mind and engulfs you completely in a cloud full of peace. The song is "poignant" because it has a strong mood and can easily connect with the listener. The amalgamation of meaningful lyrics and a soothing tune is best suited to calm you down instantly. Start or end your day with these chants to gain a peaceful momentum throughout the day.

    The song very truly depicts that a person with good deeds is always a winner and can stand strong like a rock in any circumstances. It also says that a person whose mind is involved in misdemeanors like discrimination among religions, creed, caste, color of an individual, jealousy and deceit can never rise to a level of humanity. This song gives the grounding that you always treat people with equality, only then will you be a holy soul. Thus the basic essence of the song denotes that we should adapt the qualities of God in order to evolve as a stronger person, who can be defeated by none. We call it an inspirational song because it leaves a solid impact on people by changing their frame of mind completely and the person seizures out to be a positive human being.

    After reading the above description, you might want to read discreetly the lyrics of the song. Here it is…
    "Chale Chal,
    Badhey Chal,
    Ae Raahi,
    Raah Pe Chal...
    Bhed bhaav Chal Kapat,
    Andhkar se Ho Pare!

    Nidar hai tu.. adeeeg bhi ...
    atoot mann se agaadh tu...
    Vijayi hai tu...
    Vinamra Tu..
    Buland tu Chale Chal

    Ajai Alai.. "

    These lines might fill you up with the reminiscence of the past and might indicate you to righteously follow the right path if you have committed any sins then. They say, it's never too late to correct your mistakes!!

    This song should be specifically listened by a troubled mind to let go of all the distresses surrounding him/her. On medical grounds, this song has the potency to rejuvenate depressed souls and to methodically pull them out of depression. Pregnant ladies should definitely listen to this soulful piece of music for the new one to be instilled with good thoughts and a calmer mind. Lovers can simply fall in love with the melody. Institutions can make their students listen to this song to encourage them by not considering themselves a notch lower than others and also to reach the skies by being an honest individual. You are sure to enter a hemisphere full of peace and positivity at the end of the song. If listened to this song on daily basis, this song has the power to gradually turn a negative person into an altogether positive personality. Just wait for the magic to happen!!

    Ajai Alai- Mahatma Gandhi Ajai Alai Narendra Modi
  • Gayatri Mantra

    Another soulful chant by Silki Agrawal is highly venerated and our most traditional Vedic mantra 'Gayatri Mantra'. This mantra is purely pragmatic whose supernatural forces compel you to enter a passive zone of meditation. Listening to this song will lead to the attainment of peace which is the most revered and can be used to express devotional sentiments by a person. Chanting this mantra will shower upon you a divine light that has the power to bring you back into the zone of morality and divinity. This song is resonant and has numinous potentials to effectively transform your state of mind into positivity.

    A few lines from this recreational song are:
    Om Bhur Bhuvan Svah
    Tat Savitur Vareniyam
    Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
    Dhiyo Yo Na Pracho Daya

    Recitation of Gayatri Mantra is preceded by 'Om' and 'Bhu Bhuvan Svah'. These syllables have a very strong connection with God and this mantra is considered to be an object of worship in itself. 'Om' had endured popularity simply because of the vibration that captures your mind, body and soul in a way that divorces you out from the malicious world. From the meditation point of view, Bhur Bhuvan Svah is preternaturally inferred as the three degrees of meditation: Conscious, Semi-conscious and Unconscious. Many Yogic Gurus use this as a medium of meditation for their students and also for the attainment of mental peace.

    This mantra is widely cited in Vedic literature and acclaimed in several well-known classical Hindu texts. Apart from being a source of meditation, reciting this song can categorically divulge the angelic side of a human being and makes the person retain the same angelic abilities till the end. Such is the power of this song!

    Relate to this song emotionally, mentally and physically to observe the indispensable changes in you. From kids to monks, all recite the verses of Gayatri Mantra religiously. This song is imperishable and omnipresent. The sound of this itself seems to calm the nervous system. It shifts us out of our ordinary discursive mind into a more contemplative mode.